Anne B Office Yoga

Why Desk and Office Yoga?

What our work life has become

A threat to the health of workers

Many studies have been published to illustrate our poor work habits and that the problem can’t be ignored any longer; Employers have a role to play in shifting employees current working habits to: reduce stress escalation, mitigate repetitive motion injuries, keep employees pain and ache free, reduce absenteeism and sickness and to increase overall employee wellness & satisfaction at work!

Symptoms – which can be different for each individual – can include:

  • Back issues, shoulder and neck tightness,
  • Repetitive motion symptoms: wrist and elbow pain,
  • Sore and strained eyes,
  • Mood shifts, irritability, stress, anger, and feeling overwhelmed.

Yoga can prevent and/or help improve all these symptoms!

Anne B Yoga
Anne Barbaret is a certified Iyengar teacher who is also a part time Human Resources Manager. Through her experience as a Human Resources professional, Anne knows the issues related to long period of times spent working at a computer & sitting at a desk. Her purpose is to bridge office life with healthier working habits to minimize emotional stress, physical pain & ache. With this in mind, she develops Yoga programs that fit into employer’s current wellness initiatives or as stand alone interventions. Contact me to schedule a time to discuss your office needs!

Anne B Yoga Value Proposition
We hear about the term work-life balance, it addresses “the before and the after work” rather than the “at work”! Incorporating wellness into the workplace is going one step further in recognizing that an employee’s physical and mental well-being can’t wait till the weekend!

Wellness programs and initiatives can be of different colors, shapes and can come from different influences (weight management, nutrition classes, greening the office etc…)! The road is not paved yet, and companies may feel uncertain on how to get started!
Anne B Yoga’s proposition is to bring her yoga expertise and managerial experience in human resources to navigate this new area of business and bring the best program to your office. Her interventions – whether a standalone meeting or a long term retainer relationship – have a consultative approach to understand your needs and expectations and to make sure these are met when leading yoga sessions at your office and meeting with your team.

For more information contact Anne at 415-503-8245 or via email at


“Not only is Anne an a phenomenal Human Resources Manager,
she is also is a spirited motivator and teacher!
The Desk Yoga sessions she has initiated at our work get my blood running, clear my head
and always leave me with a smile. She instructs the office with essential, healthy stretches
that leave us physically fit and mentally awake.
I have yet to take her class but if it’s anything like our Desk Yoga – it must be awesome!” Mike  K.