June 16, 2020 · by Anne Barbaret · Yoga
Ebooks available from City Lights to educate ourselves

“It is imperative that we educate and illuminate ourselves to deepen our commitment to justice and equity for Black people and all people of color, and to pave the way for radical systemic change. As we work to develop the tools we need, many of us are turning to books in search of much-needed information and support. The history of the struggle for racial justice in America has important lessons for us today, and in a spirit of solidarity with all who are joining the collective fight for a better, more equitable world, we are offering seven City Lights titles as free ebook downloads for the month of June. Please help us spread the word. 

We are also offering the paperback editions of these same titles at a 50% discount only through the storefront at the link below. If you choose to purchase, all proceeds will be donated to these two Bay Area organizations: Anti Police-Terror Project and Bay Area Anti-Repression Committee Bail Fund.

Thank you all for everything you do to make a better world possible—please take good care of each other, and stay safe, strong and committed! “