A transplant from France, Anne Barbaret made the San Francisco Bay Area her home in 1995.

She got her teaching credentials from the Iyengar Institute of San Francisco, the oldest Iyengar teacher-training program in the United States; she is now a certified teacher, Intermediate Junior 1.

At a personal level, Anne finds Yoga to be an inspiring and transformative practice that brings physical, psychological and emotional balance. Yoga takes you on a path of self discovery that goes well beyond the mat bringing awareness and a new appreciation for all aspects of life!

IY_cert_teacherAs a teacher, Anne encourages her students in finding the benefits of Yoga individually leading her class with passion& enthusiasm (with a hint of French accent!). She is attentive to everyone’s needs & physical limitations.  Anne feels very inspired by the Iyengar yoga style which reveals in each one of us what we need to focus and work on the most  while being fun and fulfilling! Anne teaches in multiple San Francisco locations leading various age groups (Her oldest student is 85, and the youngest 12 year-old!) to the best of their abilities!  View Testimonials

Please contact Anne at: anne@annebyoga.com for more information on her public or private classes!