Iyengar Yoga

BKS Iyengar on yoga: “The Yoga I teach is purely astanga yoga, known as the eight limbs of yoga, expounded by Patanjali in the 196 sutra-s each of which reflects profound experimental knowledge supplemented with Hatha Yoga texts, Baghavad Gita and others.”

Through the practice of a system of asanas, it aims to unite the body, mind and spirit for health and well being. Yoga is considered a powerful tool to relieve the stresses of modern-day life which in turn can help promote total physical and spiritual well being.

In practice, Iyengar yoga focuses on body alignment and allows the body to develop harmoniously in an anatomically correct way so that the student suffers no injury or pain when practicing correctly. As all bodies are different and people have different weaknesses and strengths. Mr.Iyengar has also developed the use of props to help the body into the correct positions required.

Props are objects like wooden blocks, chairs, blankets and belts that help one adjust or support oneself in the different postures so that one can work in a range of motion that is safe and effective.