“I have studied and practiced hatha yoga for 30+ years. I recommend Anne Barbaret as a creative and skilled yoga teacher. She conducts her class with good humor, kindness, and attention to her students’ needs and well-being.” Polly Rose

“Anne is a wonderful yoga teacher. She’s studied Iyengar yoga for years and knows how to teach students of all ages, capabilities and levels of experience. Her classes are focused, yet fun. I always feel better after a yoga practice with Anne. I would recommend her highly!” Amy Harcourt

“Fabulous yoga teacher! Caring, clear, encouraging, extremely skilled and accomplished. Anne is a natural teacher, vibrant and gentle. Her humor and enthusiasm makes practicing always seem within reach. Her own beautiful yoga and down-to-earth honesty about what physical challenges yoga presents for her makes practice at all levels seem accessible. Zero attitude. I’ve been to yoga classes taught by Anne for over 5 years at some of SF’s best studios (iyisf, santosha, SFBayClub, bija, etc.) and seek out her classes wherever I can find them.” Liz Tokar

“Anne is a patient thoughtful and full wellness yoga instructor. She is skillful in motivating her students. If someone needs alteration in a pose to accommodate for injury, Anne is prepared to make such adjustment. She is certified, bright, fun and keeps you coming back for more work as well as her friendship.” Ronald Rose

“As Director of Aquatic programs for competitive swimmers, adding in Anne’s yoga class for our 8-12 year olds has been a great addition to our program. Anne has proven to be a great teacher for our young kids and adds a “entertaining” dynamic to the class that has made our Monday Yoga/Swim day our most popular day of the week.” Paul V. Carter, Aquatics Director Olympic Club

“I have been very fortunate to be introduced to yoga by a wonderful person and caring instructor. I been going to Anne for a little over a year and with her encouragement, I can see the improvement in my posture and flexibility. I still have a lot to go, however not bad for a person in his 60s. Anne gives her personal attention to all in the class which includes people of various abilities: beginner to the more proficient. All I can say is, “Thank you, Anne, for all your efforts that you extend to me and the class. We are a lucky group at Olympic Club to have you.” – Tom B.

“I’ve been a student of Anne’s since she was teaching us in her living room and thought the English translation of Adho Mukha Svanasana was “Down Lower Dog”. That was some time ago now. Seriously, Anne’s love of yoga is apparent in her classes, which are always varied and challenging. She’s focused on making sure we understand the core and foundation of each asana. I like how each pose leads into the next, and readies the body for the deeper positions.” – Windy R.

“Anne’s sunny personality and sense of humor make every yoga class with her a lot of fun. I have been taking Iyengar yoga classes with Anne for nearly two years and attending her classes weekly has been a great complement to my training as a runner. Her classes have not only improved my flexibility and posture but also made me aware of any asymmetries in my muscle strength which can lead to running related injuries.

As a former marathoner, Anne knows which Iyengar poses are most beneficial for runners and will often give me personal recommendations. Anne’s classes are physically challenging but her positive and patient disposition create a wonderful environment in which her students can fully embrace the physical and mental aspects of a Yoga practice. I’m so thankful to have such a wonderful yoga teacher and will probably forever sing the Invocation to Patanjali with Anne’s French accent!” Allison K.

“Not only is Anne an a phenomenal Human Resources Manager, she is also is a spirited motivator and teacher! The Desk Yoga sessions she has initiated at our work get my blood running, clear my head and always leave me with a smile. She instructs the office with essential, healthy stretches that leave us physically fit and mentally awake. I have yet to take her class but if it’s anything like our Desk Yoga – it must be awesome!” Mike K.

“One half hour of office Yoga with Anne was a refreshing break that left me energized, both mentally and physically, and took the knots from my body. Anne has such a great attitude and it was a pleasure to stretch and follow her simple directions. Its amazing how so little time and effort can have such a great impact on my overall feeling of well being.” Susanne F., San Francisco

About the retreat in France:

“This was an enlightening and effective immersion into the Iyengar style of yoga, which is new to me.  Anne was a focused and passionate teacher.  I have been practicing “vinyasa flow” for about 10 years and now I see (and feel!) the distinctions.  Now that I’ve returned to my daily routine and vinyasa practice, I’ve noticed my back is much stronger.  My back was never “weak” but I do feel some added strength that came from the Iyengar poses.

Grant’s culinary skills and personable style made the time spent dining very enjoyable.  Also, his eclectic-but-accessible music selections really set the right mood on a daily basis.  He prepared a feast for the ears, as well!” Lenny

“2019 yoga retreat brings my focus and my awareness to the next level.

  1. I have learned some specific technical physical exercise as how to calm my mind down, when I am agitated, angry, lost control my emotion.
  2. Specific exercise of re capture my energy when I am tired at work.

Our private chef, as usual, did a fantastic job for the whole week of preparing food, made ours housing very inviting after yoga practice.

Overall, I give a 5 + to our experience for the annual yoga retreat in 2019.” Betty

“The concentration, continuity and consistency that I received from being a part of Anne Barbaret’s Yoga Retreat in St-Briac sur Mer moved me 3X farther in my Iyengar Yoga practice than if I had not gone.  I already have next year’s retreat calendared.” John

“Practicing yoga in the environment of St Briac-sur-mer with Anne guiding us is a unique experience that blends the beauty and the quiet of the surroundings with the challenges and grace of the poses. Anne has the ability, patience, and creativity to make any adjustments necessary to fit an individual’s needs.  She is the perfect guiding light for this or any of her yoga retreats.” Kathy 

“Second year in a row: challenging yoga, beautiful setting, delicious food and comfortable accommodations. Our teacher, Anne, is the best and created a wonderful summer vacation memory for me and my husband.”  Katherine Z

“Anne’s 2019 Yoga Retreat in St. Briac-sur-Mer:  magnificent location; challenging yoga; wonderful weather; excellent food; fine accommodations.  What’s not to love?” Jonathan