What is Thalassotherapy and its benefits?

October 25, 2016 · by Anne Barbaret · Yoga

nanou-2014-111If you wonder what a French Sea Spa is; it is a center of Thalassotherapy:

Defined, Thalasso Therapy means to immerse yourself in the therapeutic use of the ocean, its climate, the ocean air and even seaplants including marine products made of various algaes, seaweeds, and sea salts.
The name comes from the Greek words thalassa (“the sea”) and therap (“treat”). The principle behind Thalassotherapy is that repeated exposure to sea air and immersion in warm seawater or a bath made of sea mud, clays, and protein-rich algae or sea salts helps restore the body’s natural chemical balance. By rebalancing the bodies natural chemical levels you can begin to feel a sense of self renewal and the health benefits of curing chronic conditions like insomnia, physical pain, fatigue and even water retention. After a sea bath for example your body is prompted to release excess water weight while the body is replenished with vital trace minerals and skin nutrients replaced by the seawater and the absorption into the skin. Seawater and human plasma are very similar. When immersed in warm seawater the body absorbs the minerals it needs through the skin…

Where is Anne B Sea Spa & Yoga Retreat? In Dinard, Brittany the birthplace of thalassotherapy!