February 15, 2019 ·

Life sometimes appears to work against us, rather than for us, and this struggle leads to stress, exhaustion, and even a low level of constant fatigue or latent anger. This can become a steady drain on energy levels, which will only continue to grow, if not addressed.

Restorative classes focus on being easily accessible for all from the very start. An entire asana session may consist of only a handful of poses, over the course of few-hour sessions; but because of the supporting props (blankets, bolsters, blocks etc…) it is quite comfortable, despite the length.

More affordable than a massage, and a practice you can learn to do on your own!

February 7, 2019 ·

It will be on March 1st from 6pm til 8pm in the Presidio!

Lombard Gate: 569 Ruger Street, SF, 94129
$45/$40 In Advance
January 16, 2019 ·
January 3, 2019 ·
December 7, 2018 ·

This year there are too many weddings scheduled the first week of September in the “yoga room” in the old Presbytery (it is the village of Saint Briac’s wedding celebration hall!) so our annual Breton yoga retreat dates are August 24-31st. Stay posted for pricing.

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