February 29, 2024 · by Anne Barbaret · Yoga

It is a collaboration with the Alliance, one-hour class on Fridays until mid- April. Don’t miss it!

February 25, 2024 · by Anne Barbaret · Yoga

Alliance Francaise de San Francisco: Fridays at 11:15pm: Yoga for all

Calvary Church on Fillmore: Wednesdays at 1pm: Chair Yoga

January 9, 2024 · by Anne Barbaret · Yoga

The class has been moved to Wednesday 1/10 @6pm! Don’t miss it!

Sign-Up HERE

January 5, 2024 · by Anne Barbaret · Yoga

RSVP with me: anne@annebyoga.com

First Class is free on MLK

$25 drop-in and $90 for 4 classes (need to be used in a 6-week window)

December 7, 2023 · by Anne Barbaret · Yoga

I am sure some people in your life comment how yoga practice fits you so well, but still the same people seem reticent or shy to try themselves. Two good news, 1) Have them read this short e-book publication on yoga from NIH (News in Health), and 2) You can direct them to me with a class gift card since I can address all addressed in the e-book!

Read the article: HERE

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